for 10.x to 10.3.2 by Abraham Masri @cheesecakeufo

download beta

note: this is not meant to be a jailbreak replacement nor
is this a full jailbreak. it will never be.
although it is safe to use, I am not responsible for any mess up

also, some features might not work in beta

thanks to Ian Beer

Supported Devices

Any 64-bit device running
iOS 10.x (except 10.3.3)


  1. Download the .ipa file and Cydia Impactor
  2. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your device
  3. Drag the Houdini.ipa file onto the Cydia Impactor window
  4. Enter your Apple ID (email and password)
  5. Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management
  6. Trust the new certificate → open Houdini
  7. Tap 'start' and enjoy!

note: it might fail multiple times. if 'escaping sandbox' takes longer than 5 minutes,
reboot and try again


Donations are by no means necessary but if you really want to:

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or Bitcoin: 13nW4eanXStWak8hLrqtZYc1sq7X6A6dFx

thank you